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Golden Dolphin Property

The Island ...

The Dominican Republic is a beautiful tropical paradise with its palm trees and brightly colored flowers; it is the undiscovered jewel of the Caribbean. The people are warm and friendly, food is plentiful, the climate is balmy and the crystal clear water remains warm all year for swimming and water sports.
The Land ...
Situated on one of the most desirable ocean front properties on the North Shore. The Golden Dolphin commands a breathtaking view of beaches, rugged rock formations and coastline.

The resort has a 610 meter (2000 foot), palm tree lined driveway which leads to the magnificent US$2,000,000 main club facility. The Property is a lovely 1 hour drive along the coast from the Puerto Plata International Airport and Sosúa, and just minutes from other quaint towns and is located right next to one of the best ocean golf courses in the Caribbean.

The Opportunity...
Buyers of the Hotel Size Condos and Cottages will have the personal enjoyment of owning a magnificent home in the Caribbean at outstanding introductory prices. Owners can place their Hotel Size or Cottage Condo in the Resort Rental Program when not occupying it.
Or Your Caribbean Home

Can be... a Cottage

Select a tropical Cottage Condo sitting peacefully in a bathfront palm tree grove or location on the hilltop overlooking the panoramic view of the beach. Enjoy relaxing cocktails on your private patio. Each Cottage is a separate completely furnished home with 80 square meters. (860 s.f.) of living space.

These spacious Cottages feature 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1 dining room, 1 kitchen, 1 living room and porch, and storage closets. Tile floors are found throughout and the bathroom is completely tiled.

its too big im working on size
The Opportunity...
Hotel Size Condo 54.00 square meters (578 s.f.) US$85,500
Deluxe Studios 69.00 square meters (739 s.f.) US$99,500
Cottage Condo 80.00 square meters (860 s.f.) US$125,000

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